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JJ Web Services is a multi disciplinary website services company that consults, educates, supports, builds and deploys complex web design, graphic design and Internet marketing services for over 200 businesses in Milwaukee, Madison, Wisconsin and Minnesota. We are specialized web design company that are informative, quick and easy to navigate. JJ Web Services is committed in providing the greatest value possible in web design, Internet marketing, and graphic design. We are your one stop SEO and web design company in Milwaukee, Madison, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Website visitors want to find what they need and get about their business. When it comes to your online presence how do you know if you are investing smartly? At JJ Web Services, our management team has a successful history in business, technology, marketing and business analysis. This means that we can provide informed and educated consultations on every aspect of the Internet.

The primary reason why clients choose and trust us, is our ability to make their online presence a success. Return on investment (ROI) is always on our mind, and this shows in the results our clients consistently achieve year after year. Our extensive knowledge base and the experience of helping numerous clients to reduce costs and increase profits puts us in a unique position to make real changes to your business.

**Why Choose Us**

1. Hundreds of Clients & Experience

We have been designing and developing websites since the 1996. We have helped hundreds of businesses in Milwaukee, Madison, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Nationwide. Be successful with their online marketing efforts and love discussing and planning new projects.

2. We have an eye for ROI

Our high degree of measurement techniques allows us to track ROI, determine what works, and identifies the areas in need of improvement on an ongoing basis.

3. Our very talented web evangelists

Our designers and developers are very talented and are experts in their fields.

4. No fuss, low maintenance websites

Your site needs to be scalable and easy to manage. We just do that. Our designs are made for easy updates. We also provide website maintenance services.

5. Passion at heart

We love what we do and are passionate about helping our clients be successful. We listen, we discuss, we advise.

6. Its called “Consulting”, not “Selling”

When you request a quote, we talk with you about your specific needs and discuss various options that can fit in your budget. We’re not here to get you to sign up for the most expensive option, we are here to find the right solution that will work for you within your budget.

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Contact Us at: 715-554-3460 Or julie@jjwebservices.com